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Apre Discover Your Heart's Like A Jungle

Apre have the video for brand new single ‘Your Heart’s Like A Jungle’, which is available now on Polydor Records. Following a series of acclaimed introductory EPs, the London-based band have cut their teeth touring with the likes of Sam Fender, Friendly Fires, Inhaler and Lany. ‘Your Heart’s Like A Jungle’ is, according to Apre, “about being lost in a relationship. It describes that frustrating feeling when you are trying your best to love someone, but you fail to understand their emotions and get lost in your feelings for them. It’s about the dead ends that mean you will struggle to get along, and the hardships when trusting the person you really love not to break your heart.”

Whether examining the strains on modern relationships or that broader, political sense of chaos, finding your way through ‘the jungle’ is fundamental to the ambitions of Apre.  Fronted by co-vocalists Charlie and Jules, the band are as inspired by the socially conscious, observational lyricism of Pet Shop Boys as the alternative indie of Foals - often masking intimate home-truths behind innately massive-sounding songs, such as ‘Your Heart’s Like A Jungle’. Still a group in relative infancy, they may have started life as an outlet for escapism – the boys did, after all, meet in a West London chess club – but across their eclectic, experimental and red-blooded EPs to date, Apre have also found their voice.

If the band increasingly seem to capture times of crisis (emotional, and generational), part of what makes Apre interesting is the way they engage with the madness. Mixing shrewd lyrical storytelling with occasionally surreal touches, the results are transformed into something universal, positive, and affirming.



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