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Jennifer Touch Releases 'Attic'

Dresden born and Berlin bred Jennifer Touch is equally at home on and off the dancefloor. Her highly anticipated debut album Behind The Wall’s wave-kissed dreariness drips with cold sensuality is both vibrant and brooding. Showcasing her unique sound in the saturated world of electronica, Touch successfully draws from electropop and disco influences, combining ‘80s vintage synths with industrial soundscapes, delivered with a visceral post-punk snarl.

’Attic’ is a politically driven track about the processing of memories and observations made from Touch's upbringing in East Germany. Her music strongly relates to the social climate of that time, or at least what is left of it when filtered through a young and naïve mind.

She had this to say on it: "My parents had one or two parties together with the families in our house, up in the attic. It was a place where they had space and could sing all their favourite krautrock-songs and all the kids felt happy and free. I have dreams about it, my 6-years-old brain taking pictures of the scene, everyone dancing. My parents were GDR-Flowerpower-childs, forced to live in a very repressive society, behind this wall.  The song just came out of me and whilst writing it I realised why I make music and where it comes from. It comes from my childhood in East Germany. It comes from that attic.”



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