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Pixie Dot and Dash Release Debut Single



‘Chicken Lily / Democritus’ is the debut release from Pixie Dot and Dash. Pixie is sixteen, deaf, and intellectually disabled.  Her life revolves around music, live music in particular. Starved of that outlet through lockdown, Pixie, together with her father Dash (Marky Edison, Muso’s Guide), their synthesizer Dot, and a motley crew of socially distanced musicians, took homeschooling to another level. While others baked banana bread, they made an album’s worth of post-industrial electro and invited the input of their favourite live acts.

‘Chicken Lily’ was Pixie’s first foray into the studio.  With a Daft Punk vibe and dark underbelly, it is markedly different to the kind of electro we’re accustomed to hearing.  Her background in metal and punk melded with an instinctual pop sensibility creating something unique.

‘Democritus’ was co-written, and produced, by Cormac Parle of Irish indie legends, Stoat.  He added bass synths, bass guitar, and his signature ranting vocals to the mix, creating a powerful, catchy tune. ‘Chicken Lily / Democritus’ is the first release from Pixie Dot and Dash, and the first from their debut album, planned for early 2021. Download the double A-side from Bandcamp from Friday September 4. Enter the code musos2020 at checkout for a 25% discount.






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