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First Listen : Protomartyr - Wheel of Fortune (feat. Kelley Deal)

First Listen is the part of Musos' Guide where we tempt you in with lesser played tracks from the recent past or this very minute. Enjoy.


Live Dates:-

Thurs 3rd May – Kortrijk, Belgium @ Wilde Westen Tickets 
Fri 4th May – Bristol, UK @ Thekla Tickets 
Sat 5th May – Leicester, UK @ Handmade Festival 
Sun 6th May – Glasgow, UK @ Stag & Dagger Festival 
Tues 8th May – Hull, UK @ Fruit Tickets 
Wed 9th May – Birmingham, UK @ Mama Roux's Tickets 
Thurs 10th May – London, UK @ Rough Trade East – In Conversation with The Raincoats Info 
Thurs 10th May – London, UK @ Scala Tickets 
Sun 3rd June - Seattle, WA @ Upstream Music Festival 
Sat 9th June - Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere (Brooklyn Vegan Northside Party) 
Wed 13th June - Hong Kong, HK @ MOM Livehouse 
Fri 15th June - Beijing, CN @ Yue Space 
Sat 16th June - Shanghai, CN @ YYT 
Sun 17th June - Seoul, KR @ V-Hall 
Wed 20th June - Kuala Lumpur, MY @ Live Fact 
Thurs 21st June - Jakarta, ID @ Rossi Musik 
Sat 23rd June – Athens, Greece @ Ejekt Festival 
Fri 6th July – Modena, Italy @ Arti Vive Festival 
Sat 7th July – Chiusi, Italy @ Lars Rock Festival 
Sat 21st July - Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest 
9-11th August - Haldern, Germany @ Haldern Pop Festival 
Sun 12th August - Luxembourg, LU @ Rotondes 
Mon 13th August - Dusseldorf, DE @ Zakk 
Tues 14th August - Bremen, DE @ Tower Musikclub 
Thurs 16th August – Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Doornroosje Tickets 
Fri 17th August – Biddinghuizen, Netherlands @ Lowlands 
Sat 18th August – Hasselt, Belgium @ Pukkelpop 
Sun 19th August – St. Malo, France @ La Route du Rock 
Tues 21st August - Dudingen, CH @ Bad Bonn 
22nd August – Zurich, Switzerland @ Mascotte Tickets 
Fri 24th August - Schorndorf, DE @ Club Manufaktur 
Sat 25th August – Charleville-Mézières, France @ Cabaret Vert 
Sun 26th August – Ramsgate, UK @ Ramsgate Music Hall Tickets 
Tues 28th August – Sheffield, UK @ Picture House Social Club Tickets 
Wed 29th August – Hebden Bridge, UK @ The Trades Club Tickets 
Thurs 30th August – Liverpool, UK @ O2 Academy 2 Tickets 
31st Aug – 2nd Sept – Wiltshire, UK @ End of the Road Festival 
31st Aug – 2nd Sept - Vlieland, NL @ Into the Great Wide Open 


Le Guess Who? 2015 - Friday

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Day two of Le Guess Who? 2015 and the big guns of the weekend were getting rolled out with some potentially ear-splitting acts on offer later in the evening's programme.

First port of call though was Moira to see the earliest act of the day, the homegrown project of songwriters Thjis Kuijken and Geert van der Velde - Black Oak. Think Buffalo Springfield and you'll be pretty close to the mutually beneficial and harmonious semi-acoustic americana they and their fellow players produce. Perhaps at times lyrically over-simplistic theirs was nonetheless a warm and engaging show.

On to the first of the bigger acts & more Canadian performers as The Besnard Lakes appeared in the Ronda at Tivoli Vredenburg. Here then was the first oddity of the night - sound at a moderate level and ample space to walk around freely in the upper reaches of the hall. Not that the band cared as they turned in as tight a performance as expected but for my money they're better appreciated in slightly more intimate surroundings and with greater volume.

Upstairs to the Pandora next for the unknown quantity that is Kaki King. Visually she takes the everything-produced-by-one-guitar thing to a new level as the instrument is fixed in place to allow it to also be utilised for projections and with the larger ones behind her the show realises her current project The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body. For me though if you've seen one person sample slapping the body of their guitar to get the drumbeat etc. you've seen them all.

A swift cycle to see more of the Kicking The Habit programme at Moira found up and comers Hooton Tennis Club just getting into position. Clearly an unknown quantity in Utrecht they didn't enjoy the largest of crowds & fell foul early on of a lack of spare guitar strings but you can't be too harsh on a band wherein one member sports a Brudenell Social Club t-shirt and which performs with such gusto (particularly 'Up In The Air').

Titus Andronicus were the second act of the night in the Ronda and were still running through the soundcheck when I got back there (interesting use of Grand Funk Railroad and 'Tarzan Boy' for that) so you had that odd experience of a band of their level all being on stage already then leaving to come back a little later as if none of us had been able to see them prior. They've a lot of songs to get through so there's no messing about once they return and energy aplenty being expended by all concerned. 'I Lost My Mind (+@)' and the rest are greatly appreciated by the main body of the crowd but again there's not the level of volume you'd expect and movement around the hall is comfortably achieved.

The reverse, at least as far as movement is concerned, is the case from now on at the Pandora. Protomartyr pack the place out, resulting in a one in/one out barrier having to be manned at the foot of the stairs. For my money the sound they were provided with was a little too clean, thereby making the overall performance seem a little pedestrian in places. Given the crowd reaction that's probably quite a minority opinion though.

Handily with the use of a bike this year the Tivoli de Helling is sooner reached than in years previous so squeezing in at the back of the rammed hall to take in some of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown takes no time at all. A performer for whom time seems to have stood still he's all over the stage, whooping up the audience (who need little encouragement), removing the keyboard from its stand so its player needs to come with it to keep the music going as it's the most important element of the band's sound and other antics. Even at this early stage people are calling out for 'Fire' but I presume that's always held over till the very end as I head off back into the city after the spirited version of 'I Put A Spell On You'. Definitely a highlight act of the weekend.

Once back at the main Tivoli the popularity of the Pandora means I've now failed to see Metz twice at Le Guess Who? With no wish to mill around in the vague 'queue' I head downstairs to the Ronda to see what Belgium's Evil Superstars are all about. The festival blurb mentions them in the same breath as dEUS, an act I've never got to grips with, and it turns out that I can't really do that with Evil Superstars either, despite their enjoyably cartoonish rear projections. If the Foo Fighters decided to start employing jazz time signatures and funkier basslines then this is I think the result you'd get.

Leaving Ronda as quickly as I arrived does at least allow time for some food from the Just Like Your Mom concession. The vegan carrot cake was grand but the jury's still out on the sausage roll. It also makes it possible to beat the rush and get into Pandora in good time for Viet Cong, who once more pack the place out but don't get the volume they deserve although they're not to everyone's taste as it's "five minutes of my life I won't get back" according to one audience member. Musing on whether some of today's programming should have been swapped around keeps me occupied on the cycle home.

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