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Marky Edison

Marky Edison

Plague Vendor’s New Comedown


Plague Vendor have announced their new album By Night, produced by John Congleton (St Vincent, Sharon Van Etten, Chelsea Wolfe) and recorded at legendary EastWest Studios. The follow up to their 2016 debut full-length Bloodsweat and their widely-acclaimed debut EP Free to Eat is set for release on June 7 via Epitaph Records. The 10-song set kicks off with the raw, vital track and first single ‘New Comedown’.

“When we were writing 'New Comedown,' there were a lot of colours and themes that were coming through, so we thought it best to finalize the verses once we were in the recording studio,” notes the band’s frontman Brandon Blaine. “The energy, urgency, and excitement there was unmatched. We caught lightning in the booth and trapped it in the recording."

Plague Vendor is Blaine (vocals), Michael Perez (bass), Luke Perine (drums and percussion) and Jay Rogers (guitar). A fearless our-way-is-the-hard-way work ethic and famously physical live shows won the Southern California-based band a ferocious fan base and place of pride on the Epitaph Records roster. They are currently on the road taking their live show to venues around the US - supporting All Them Witches now, with select headline shows set for this spring. 

By Night sees Plague Vendor stretch and warp their songs, discovering a merciless sense of tension and apprehension that set every moment on edge. It captures the feeling of ruin and regeneration, of charisma and catastrophe and of slashing at the night with nothing but pure electricity. And, with Congleton’s precision production, they found their own way between the powerful-but-too-polished sound of right now and the engaging-but-aging reinterpretations of classic punk/rock albums of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Congleton’s limitless encouragement also led Plague Vendor to do things they never did before: chorused bass in endless waves, lightning-strike flashes of synth, motorik man-machine drums that sound inhuman and human at once and even a string section that’ll be a surprise if they ever do it live.


01 - New Comedown

02 - Nothing's Wrong

03 - All Of The Above

04 - Let Me Get High\Low

05 - Prism

06 - White Wall

07 - Night Sweats

08 - Pain In My Heart

09 - Snakeskin Boots

10 - In My Pocket



The Phantom Of Phobos Return From A Dead Channel


The Phantom of Phobos, the Finnish atmospheric sci-fi-metal group formed in 2015, publishes its debut CD, From a Dead Channel, via Concorde Music Company on April 5. The physical issue has eight previously digital-only released tracks and furthermore includes a turbocharged cover version of the Halloween movie theme as well as a cinematic 3-track EP, The Uninvited.

From a Dead Channel and The Uninvited were conceived between Oulu, Helsinki, Munich and Verona. The quartet operates behind pseudonyms I, II, XX and XIX in the musical areas of cinematic metal and darker progressive rock. The listeners of murkier material by Nine Inch Nails and Faith No More will find themselves at home, alongside with the friends of the melodic side of The Gathering and cinematic soundscapes by John Carpenter.

The album and EP were mixed by Mirko Nosari (Bunkker Universe, Italy) and mastered by Mika Jussila (Finnvox Studios, Finland). The tracks also include orchestral arrangements by an Italian master composer Mattia Benedetti Vallenari.

{youtube{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOdAA95wz_U {/youtube}

CD1 - From A Dead Channel

01. Collide

02. Phobia

03. Brother Mine

04. No Signal

05. Halloween

06. Made Of Stars

07. Of The Undead

08. Cydonia

09. Counterkarma


CD2 - The Uninvited

01. The Uninvited

02. Them

03. Dreaming Of Dying



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