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Marky Edison

Marky Edison

Jim Bob From Carter Autobiography

Between 1987 and 1997, Jim Bob rode a decade-long rollercoaster from the UK’s pub and club scene to the top of the album charts and back again, leaving behind a trail of hit records, legendary gigs and enough t-shirts to clothe a small nation. As recounted in his first autobiography, the critically acclaimed Goodnight Jim Bob, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine toured the world and sold the records, during the UK’s last period of genuine musical free-for-all, mutating from a two man and drum machine combo to an extensive six (sometimes seven) piece group along the way. But then the rollercoaster stopped…..

So what next for a recovering former rock star? Whatever happened to that bloke from Carter?

Jim Bob From Carter (In The Shadow Of My Former Self) documents Jim’s ongoing journey as a solo artist and author – a man in search of who he is, while constantly being reminded who he was. Whether he’s singing in a disco-pop band, performing solo acoustic ballads, writing novels or acting in a musical at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it’s clear he is still, for many people, Jim Bob from Carter. At first Jim sees this legacy as a burden and something to escape from, but gradually he learns to accept, embrace and eventually celebrate his glorious past.

This is a funny music book – the funniest music book ever written, according to the author – about Jim Bob’s extended gap year between the acrimonious break-up of Carter in 1997 to their eventual reformation in 2007 (and acrimonious break-up again in 2014). Find out how bands choose their names, what it’s like to be sworn at by Ian Dury, how it feels to discover yourself on a pub trivia machine under the category ‘Where are they Now?’ and why there isn’t a prime time Saturday night TV show called Britain’s Got Authors.

There’s also the usual boring stuff about lyrics and a few music business clichés, like earlier in this blurb where the word ‘journey’ was unnecessarily used.

Jim Bob is now a successful author (Storage Stories, Driving Jarvis Ham, and two Frank Derrick books) and solo artist, both on record and in concert (Carter material guaranteed). He lives in that London.

The author will also be performing a highly anticipated solo concert (his first UK date in a year) at a large London venue to coincide with the book’s release.




The Murder Capital Debut Single

The Murder Capital ended 2018 as that rare thing: a band tipped from all corners without having released a single song. In an age where people and bands overshare by default, The Murder Capital have been doing the opposite. If you wanted to know about The Murder Capital, you had to get to a show and see for yourself. That’s if you could get in.

Based on the caustic strength of one live recording of ‘More Is Less’, which went viral on YouTube, and feverish word of mouth from those who have been lucky enough to attend these early gigs, The Murder Capital have built a formidable reputation. In just over a year, they’ve sold out shows in their hometown of Dublin (to 400 people), played with Slaves, Shame and fellow countrymen Fontaines DC.

With ‘Feeling Fades’ the band fulfil their early promise – delivering a brooding, propulsive slice of post-punk recorded with Flood (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Foals). In one of their rare interviews so far, the band have stated they are driven by the genuine desire to affect cultural change, and when front-man James McGovern repeats the lyric “the now elapsed ‘round you and me, and it kept us all together” on this, their debut single, you start to believe that they’re capable of achieving just that.

The Murder Capital will tour the UK in January and February:

They will also support Idles at the band’s sold out show at The Electric Ballroom on 6th April.

31st January – Liverpool – EBGB’s

1st February – Cardiff – Club Ifor Bach

2nd February – London – The Shacklewell Arms

3rd February – Brighton – The Prince Albert

5th February – Birmingham - The Sunflower Lounge

6th February – Newcastle – Think Tank? Underground

7th February – Glasgow – The Poetry Club 

8th February – Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s



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