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Marky Edison

Marky Edison

New Container Album Out In March

Container (aka Ren Schofield) has announced a new album, Scramblers, out March 20 on Alter Records. Almost a decade since his debut, Container arrives on Alter with his first non-”LP” titled album, Scramblers. The title is taken from both a Baltimore street drug and a Rhode Island Diner he used to eat at with his father, Schofield elaborates: “The juxtaposition between these two Scramblers is a great one. I wanted to pay homage to a nice name that lends itself to both depraved and wholesome contexts and do my part to carry on the tradition.”

The eight-tracks have their origins in live performance and a more high-octane delivery is noticeable when compared with previous Container albums. ‘Mottle’ sits in a mysterious zone between the productions of EVOL and early Ruff Sqwad. Fierce electro cuts like ‘Trench’ and ‘Nozzle’ work alongside the nauseous slink of ‘Duster’, which in typical Container fashion morphs into a frenzy in no time. A frenzy which may be linked cosmically to the fact that Scramblers was recorded, mixed and mastered in one day, reinforcing further his unorthodox and fun approach to club music.

Container is the continuing project of American noise veteran Ren Schofield, originally from Providence, Rhode Island, now based in London. Container first appeared at the turn of the decade with a slew of freakish tapes for various small labels. In wake of these releases, Editions Mego offshoot Spectrum Spools – run by old friend John Elliott of the band Emeralds – took the punt to release his debut LP, a collection of mutated techno tracks simply titled LP.

The record gained attention quickly in the electronic music scene largely thanks to Schofield’s unique production style that separates him from forms of conventional dance music. Whilst the music of Container sits perfectly fine within the genre and is functional enough to blow apart the walls of any club, years on the US noise circuit have given Schofield’s brand of techno a rawness and direct intensity that stands out in the club and crosses over into other sub-sections of the underground. His modest set up of Roland MC-909, a four-track porta-studio and an array of pedals allowed him to hone his scuzzy and bewildering beat music over the years, leading to three more well -received, and literally titled LPs. Over this time period Container also released EPs on Morphine, Liberation Technologies and Diagonal, did a variety of remixes for acts like Four Tet, The Body, Panda Bear and Fucked Up plus maintained a healthy touring schedule that reached over every continent. His exhilarating live show has hit pretty much every major electronic music festival and club in Europe, as well as tours and gigs with a diverse range of acts such as Wolf Eyes, Zola Jesus, Daughters, Pharmakon and Ryley Walker.

Container Live

5 March - London, UK - Static Shock Festival



ALA.NI Releases ‘Papa’

Paris-based Londoner ALA.NI releases ‘Papa’, the latest a cappella track to be released from her forthcoming self-written, produced & arranged new album, ACCA, out January 24, featuring guest spots from fans of hers including Iggy Pop and Lakeith Stanfield (Uncut Gems, Atlanta). Written and recorded a cappella (with no use of loops or sampling), the album is the follow-up to her widely praised debut, You & I, which secured ALA.NI other famous fans amongst the likes of David Lynch, David Byrne and Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

The accompanying video for ‘Papa’ was filmed over the course of a two day shoot last summer between Lake Como and the riverside woodlands of Switzerland’s Verzasca. ALA.NI spent a year working on lung capacity and underwater choreography for the submerged footage shot at Lake Como by Amati, whose passion for free diving informs the surreal, gravity-defying feel of her work.

Speaking about the track itself, ALA.NI says; “This song started out as a poem, written for a girlfriend with recurring dramas with men. A year after writing the poem and whilst in Mexico together, I read it to her. ‘Papa didn’t love me, any man take me.’ She quickly exclaimed ‘that is a song lyric!,’ so we proceeded to jam around this idea. I took it back to Paris and started to work on the production and soon realised, maybe these words are applicable to me also. Daddy issues… Oh the healing powers of music. No instruments used on this track, only vocals and a beatboxer. Studio walls were banged, chests, faces tapped and slapped and also a Cuban butt, all to create the percussion.”

A powerful vision of modern womanhood, ACCA is unflinching in its account of pain, anger, sadness, and growth. Written whilst on the road in spots including Paris, Mexico, Los Angeles, the UK and New York, ALA.NI created the album by layering up hundreds of vocal tracks, some of which imitate the sounds of instruments, building a hypnotic world that blurs the lines between vibrating vocal cords, bowed strings, and blown reeds. Written - as with You & I - a cappella, with ACCA, ALA.NI pushes a vocals-only technique to its furthest possibilities. “It was all pretty lo-fi on my end,” says ALA.NI, who often captured songs on the fly using a laptop whilst in transit. “I didn’t record to a click, I didn’t use a tuner; I’d just press record and lay down whatever came out.”



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