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Marky Edison

Marky Edison

Capture The Crown Rebrand And Release New Single

Last week, Capture the Crown announced a new chapter by laying their name to rest. With a new name and new song, we welcome the rebirth of Capture by releasing one of their heaviest single ‘Lost Control’ off of their highly-anticipated record. The new track is a first step for Capture as they branch outside their former image and embrace their new sound going forward.

Capture will be headlining “The Social Suicide Tour” with My Enemies & I, Dayseeker and Kingdom Of Giants this May/ June in the USA. The Australia-based metalcore band formed in early 2010. The group released its debut single, ‘You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife!,’ promoting the video through their YouTube channel and reaching five million views within a year.

The band has now been reincarnated as Capture to reflect the shift in their personal lives.  Throughout all their sonic evolutions, the band strives to “always be aggressive, brutal, and truthful.” Equipped with a more refined sound and wealth of experiences, Capture have released “Lost Control” as a taste of what’s to come.


Cajsa Siik Shares ‘White Noise’, From Upcoming LP

Swedish alt-pop singer Cajsa Siik has a new single up for release next month, taken from her upcoming third album Domino set to drop early summer. Cajsa will be showcasing her new album Thursday 1st June at the infamous Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London. Domino follows on from Cajsa’s 2014 album Contra which drew national acclaim, and includes the new singles ‘Talk To Trees’, ‘White Noise’, and ‘Empire Mine’.

Much like her previous releases, Cajsa Siik aims to inject a pop sensibility into an avant-garde and experimental disposition, giving her a sound that is both accessible and atmospheric in the process. Recorded in Stockholm with producer Rolf Klinth, Domino sees the songstress embark on a much bolder direction than in her previous material that still manages to maintain her core sound.

Speaking about the record, Cajsa Siik explained that, “Domino can be described in two different ways. First I wanted it to represent the fact that we’re all connected to each other and that we have a responsibility towards each other and this world. To shoulder that responsibility is easier said than done, but we must try. Be aware. Not only mind our own business. I’ve given that a lot of thought lately. Secondly, every song on this album depends and relies on the other. Together they create a unit and the unit is supposed to be diverse. I aimed for creating a dynamic album.”

Listen to Cajsa Siik’s ‘White Noise’ here

Live in London – 1st June 2017 @ The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch

Domino – Track Listing

1.     White Noise

2.     Sad Celebration

3.     Talk To Trees

4.     Solar Still

5.     Empire Mine

6.     Frozen Tounge

7.     Minute Road

8.     Shallow Light

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