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Priest’s Time Will Come

Indie-synthpop artist Priest releases the second single from her upcoming EP, Lost Lions. ‘Our Time Will Come’ opens with a captivating, soaring synth that takes listeners into the clouds, where they’re greeted with glittery guitars and pulsing, irresistible drum rhythms.

Camille’s familiar but fresh vocal musings cry out to fans, “Hang on/Lean on me/Our time will come!” Expect this song to find itself on repeat in your head long after it ends. Priest's sound could be described as Passion Pit diving for old shoegazer-era albums in a treasure chest filled with glitter.

Glistening vocals and synths pair with syncopated percussive rhythms and driving bass grooves, Priest has an increasingly recognizable pure sound that fans and critics continue to connect with. Soaring electro-pop complete with lush synths, trance-enducing rhythms, and with Camille’s enchanting vocals, she has captured the attention of music fans and critics alike.





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