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Lockdown easing begins at Musos’s Guide



And we’re back. Though to be honest, much of the break has been enforced less by government restrictions and more by my dissertation. The synchronicity is exquisite. Can you tell that I’m enjoying writing for fun again?


It doesn’t hurt that live music has become a thing again. While I’ve been as careful as someone with dyspraxia navigating a rope bridge, I’ve bloody missed it!


Having my first gig back on Halloween with Lugosi in that wonderful venue, the wild duck, in Templebar, Dublin, Ireland. Bringing the kids along. My eldest daughter, who you may know from our collaboration as Pixie, from Pixie Dot & Dash. Because music is a communion, with family, with friends, and with the musicians who are our kin. Music is my tribe. You are my kind of people.


We’ve plenty to bring you in the coming weeks from our correspondents Captain Stavros in London, UK and Johnno covering Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.


We’ve reviews of Captain Rico & The Ghost Band, John, Deerhoof, and Scott Levene on the way, as well as an audio interview with This Is War.


Stay tuned for more.








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