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Singles That Mingle 20220805



Our London correspondent, Captain Stavros has recovered from Covid-19 and brought an amazing bevvy of tunes with him


The Velvet Hands

‘Holiday In My Head’

EP out now

I’ve got a splitting headache so I’ll postpone the holiday in my head, as I can’t think straight. This track’s a no brainer for a good time though.



Crack Cloud

‘Tough Baby’

Tough Baby via Meat Machine Records September 16

Brilliant hook. Expertly constructed track and solid pacing.



Pearl Diver

'Look For The Light'

EP out Now

As drifting and dreamy, as it is ethereal and elatory




'Wet Look'

Big Plans for a Blue World out now

It’s hard to be in 2 places at once but ‘Wet Look’ pulls it off with a relaxed but energetic track.





Open out now

Lo-fi fuzzy and warm all over with a great set of keys.



The Black Angels

'Wilderness of Mirrors'

Wilderness of Mirrors out September 16 via Partisan Records

Transport back to the acid age with this psychedelic excellence.



Indigo Sparke

'Pressure In My Chest'

Hysteria out October 7 via Sacred Bones

An echo in the darkness.



Beth Orton

'Forever Young'

Weather Alive out September 23 via Partisan Records

Not our usual go to but jam but just eerie enough to peak our receptors.



Julie Odell

'Cardinal Feather'

Autumn Eve out September 30 on FrenchKiss Records

A song like a swarm of mosquitos.




'Which Way'

Out Now via The State51 Conspiracy

This pieces reels in on so many influences, if it doesn’t pull you in along with it, let’s face it, you’re deaf.




'Hotel in LA'

New Album out September 9

A dreamy soundscape.



Aoife Nessa Frances

'Way To Say Goodbye'

Protector out October 28 via Partisan Records

Hauntingly Hypnotic.



'Come Apart'

Out Now on Section1

This sounds like the tunes in the ‘90s we couldn’t wait to come on to twist the dial up to 11.




'Mythical Bonds'

Pocket Fantasy out September 30 on Fire Talk Records

Bit Mathrock, bit infection you can’t seem to shake.



Andrew Combs

'Anna Please'

Sundays out August 19 via Loose

A mono tune that almost slipped us by, don’t let it do the same to you.











Singles That Mingle 20220708


Singles That Mingle

A massive dose of deadly singles from our resident expert, Captain Stavros 

False Heads

‘Mime the End’

Sick Moon - Out September 30 on Scruff of the Neck Records

A real nuts and bolts track, reminiscent of Blood Red Shoes hungrier days.



Place To Land out June 10 via Bayonet Records

A jam with a light touch.

Alice Low


A funkload of OG riffs on this absolute gem of a jam, it's got that big sword energy you never knew you needed.

Bonnie Trash


Single out now via Hand Drawn Dracula

Do, do, a double take on this ghostly identical duo as they cut their teeth on this haunting single.



Care out August 19 via Meat Machine Records

A tune spitting so much heat it'll take your head off and cauterize wound at the same time.

The Soft Moon


Exister out Sept 23 via Sacred Bones

Surf's up dudes! Dark wave surf. The long awaited follow up to 2018’s Criminal is almost here.


‘World of Shit’

Out now via Relapse Records

Don't want to miss your stop on the tube? Fire this bad boy on and sleep will be the least of your concerns.



Bring Down the Government out now

I’d say it was a well-timed release, but they literally could have released it any time in the last 12 years and it would have been well timed

Ellie Bleach

‘Big Strong Man’

No Elegant Way To Sell Out, Out October 6 on Sad Club Records

Ellie’s new on the scene so you’ll likely not recognize the music when it pipes through your listening device. It’ll be the first time the tunes’ll make you take notice but not the last.


Muna Ileiwat

‘Pity Party’

Twenty-Seven out August 19 on FOMO Records

Great summer late nights playlist material.

Tan Cologne

‘Floating Gardens’

Earth Visions of Water Spaces out September 9th on Labrador Records

If a Zephyr transmogrified itself into a song, this would be it.

October and The Eyes

‘Jack Black Must Die’

EP Who Upset You? Out Now on Kro Records

I think the YouTube description said it best, ‘Any comparison to real life people is defintely not coincidental’.



Gerders EP out September 2 Via ALCOPOP! Records

We’ll keep promoting KEG as long as they continue their strange trip down Absurdity Boulevard.

The Paranoyds


TALK TALK TALK Out September 9 via Third Man Records

If America ever decides to dip their big toe into Eurovision, this should be their 2023 submission.


‘Growing Up Pains’

A slow burner from the freshly re-surfaced, and blog favourites ALASKALASKA


‘Days & Nights’

Escape Out Now via Italians Do It Better

Skip to the 1 minute mark and prepare to appreciate Desire’s consistency.






Singles That Mingle 20220606


Singles That Mingle 20220606


It's the regular Singles run-down with the quality assured Captain Stavros



Aoife Nessa Frances

‘Emptiness Follows’

Out Now via Partisan Records

Smoking track with even smokier vocals.



‘Bad Rain’

People Feel Out June 10 on Blowtorch Records

A great track but what makes it pop isn’t the crisp bass and synth, it’s SHIV’s vocals


Why Bonnie

‘90 In November’

Out August 17 via Keeled Scales

Warm and fuzzy vibes ready for your road trip playlist.


Lionel Boy


Out June 17 on Innovative Leisure

Need an excuse to dim the lights? Here ya go.



‘The Sea Has No Friends’

Doorway Conversations Out June 3

We got some Chubby and the Gang vibes on this one.



‘Here Again’

Honeymoon out June 17h on Hand Mirror

Quality tune.

October and The Eyes

‘When I Was Your Girl’

Out June 24 via KRO Records

A great stripped back tune, both visually and musically, that reminds us of walking into a real spit and sawdust sort of joint.


Sound of Ceres

‘The Glare’

Out June 17 via Joyful Noise

Space out with the Sound of Ceres, this track washes over one like lethal gamma rays from our friendly neighbourhood ball of flaming gas.



‘Not About to Die’

Out June 24th via pinkflag

Enjoy music but pressed for time? Gotchya covered!



My Idea

'Lily’s Phone’

Cry Mfer Out Now via Hardly Art

Crisp tune with solid vocals and a crackin belch.



‘Bit Much’

Care out August via Meat Machine

Glam out with your Clamm out.



Singles that Mingle 20220204



Our frontline reporter and London correspondent, Captain Stavros, brings you the newest and most exciting new tunes.


Mothermary – ‘I am Your God’


Out Now – Italians Do It Better


Calling all Italians Do It Better fanboys/girls, double trouble coming at you with Mothermary. No such thing as too much of a good thing. Foot tapping rump shakin’ goodness.



Tempers – ‘Nightwalking’


Out April 1– on DAIS


Stripped back doom-synth (I’m not sure that’s a thing, but it is now!) sullen and moody. Somehow still catchy though.



Bnny – ‘I’m Just Fine’


Out now on Fire Talk


Melancholy vocals accompany equally melancholic melodies. If you dug Windowspeak and Holy Motors’ latest, give this a whirl.



Tess Parks – ‘Happy Birthday Forever’


Out May on Fuzz Club


We immediately got some low-fi Sneaker Pimps vibes off this one, let us know if you hear it too.



Media Giant – ‘Guilt/Shame’


Out now on Brace Yourself Records


We had a good feeling about this one because the promo shots were next level ironic. Media Giant’s tunes are anything but ironic, they feel awkward in a loveable and listenable way.




Zoee - ‘The Empty Glass’


Flaw Flower is out now on Illegal Data


Theatrical avant pop comes at you mostly like a psychedelic pagan ritual to welcome in the spring time sooner, a helluva lotta more fun than a ground hog day event in our opinion.



Geese – ‘Projector’


Out now on Partisan Records and in the UK for a tour in June.


Reminds us of Feet, effortlessly cool. It’s the type of track that reminds you to check-and-see what’s piping in through your headphones.



Calexico – ‘El Mirador’


Out April 8 on City Slang


A visually appealing video accompanies a familiar sound Calexico south-western sound. It’s a blur which, one, or all, South American musical styles they draw from and pay homage too point is it sounds mighty fine.












Singles That Mingle 20220128




Happy new year everyone!

Hopefully 2022 will be an improvement on what has preceded it.

Captain Stavros is back with a roundup of the best new tunes to guide our tired brains through the rest of January.



Daniel Rossen - ‘Shadow in the Frame’




An energetic and masterful piece in a hurry.









Bodega – ‘Thrown’




A punchy and fiercely scrappy track.







VR Sex - ‘Victim or Vixen’




Hard to describe, their blurb says ‘deathrock acid punks’. It’s fucking cool whatever it is. It’s like an acid trip from the perspective of a whammy bar. 







Ibibio Sound Machine




Huge sound, seductively produced and surprisingly isn’t crushed under the weight of its own grandness.







Jason Lytle- 'Drop that Hero'




Here at Muso’s Guide, we don’t condone the use of heroin, but if we did, this would be playing in the shooting gallery.








Tindersticks - ‘Both Sides of the Blade’




Planning a funeral? Want to clear a house party? Slide this bad-boy on. It’s beautiful but really sucks the air out of the room. Great tune for the backdrop of a lost baby duckling looking for its mother after a massive snow dump.







Vero – ‘Beg!’




Guitar centred grungey power music, great for what it is and straight outta Stockholm. Like the syndrome!







Barrie – ‘Quarry’




Dreamy shoegaze blurs the lines between genres but the video to Quarry will blur the lines between reality. This one cuts.







Hate Moss – ‘Fog’




Italo-Brazilian industrial / post-punk duo release an electrifying cut.













Singles That Mingle 20211207

Laura May Carter – ‘Blue’s Not My Colour’ 

Mini Album Out Now 


We once threw back a few shots of tequila with Laura May Carter at the Lexington and then proceeded to destroy Steven (BRS Bandmate) and his partner at a savage game of Foosball. Do not mess with her, do listen to her tunes. 


Drug Couple – ‘Our December’ 

Stoned Weekend – Out January 28th 


Honestly, the name got us, then we released it was December, kismet. We stuck around for the stripped back tones though. 


Boy Harsher – ‘Give Me a Reason’ 

January 21st Album Release 


If after all this time we haven’t given you enough reasons to listen to Boy Harsher, ‘Give Me a Reason’ you shouldn’t be? 


SPINN – ‘People Should Know Better’ 


Album out February 14th 

Flexin’ political chops without clubbing you over the head with them, resonates. 


Blood Red Shoes – ‘Morbid Fascination’ 

New Album January 14th 


BRS, like sharks, continue to move forward testing the bloody waters of new darker and harder sounds and thus ensure their survival. 


Hand Habits – ‘The Answer’ 

‘Fun House’ Out Now 


Elements of Elliott Smith hooked us. 


Vero - ‘Beg!’ 

Out Jan 14th 


Nostalgic and Grungy Hole vibe, hooked the second I heard the guitar intro 



Solis – ‘Sunday’ 


Hypnotic and easy to connect with. 

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